Research Scenario Examples

Research slots can be used to explore anything you feel is needed including

  • Beta testing new of sites or products
  • Providing insight on new product development
  • Providing insight on the marketing pitch for new product offerings
  • Helping develop new product overviews
  • Providing feedback on new pricing or business models
  • Taking a temperature check on brand perception
  • Exploring brand comparisons – how do we compare to our competitors?
  • Providing insight into developments and current issues within the scholarly community
  • Understanding who are your core and potential customers or users
  • Exploring how to serve customers better
  • Exploring market conditions and their effect on your offering

You may find that as well as the clear cost and effort savings involved in outsourcing this work, there are benefits to both client and participant in having an objective researcher facilitating.  Fresh eyes ensure insights are not coloured by internal conversations or knowledge of past history and concerns that could inadvertently influence how participant feedback is interpreted or reported.